27 April 2022

 After the Easter holidays we met again just to have a little fun, taking advantage of the childrens vacation. In the program we had games of skill and dexterity. Then THE FRIENDSHIP DISCO with different dances: macarena, cotton eye Joe, penguin dance, gangnam style, lambada and many others. The pizzerias Rinto from Şelimbăr and Venezia from Șura Mare took care of the re-energization, plus the fruit salad made by the childrens. Thanks also, Tanti Lenuța for hosting! As usual all activities were carried out in mixed teams of typical and atypical children. Those who wants to join us or to contribute financial or material for our next actvities please call: +40753527091 or donate in the bank accont written down the page. You can also help by sharing liking or following as many as possible in our Facebook pageAsociația Împreună pentru Ștefan. 



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Discoteca prieteniei

Association Together for Ștefan

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