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What does our organization do?

General dispozition


  Our association try, by his actions, to inform and to make the world accept that this childrens don't need just terapies and school but also socialization, interaction with people without special needs.



 Mun. SIBIU, County SIBIU, Str. BÂRSEI, 

No. 6, Ap. M10, Postal Code: 550073.                                                     

The purposes and activities of the organization


  Our main purpose is to succeed to make as many childrens with special needs to interact with the rest of society through various actions that we will organize in the future

Administration of the organization


  President: Emilia Vitan

Capital and the income of the organization



Final provisions



The statut of the Association Together for Ștefan

*Unfortunately not in english

Download the STATUT

Association Together for Ștefan

CIF : 44889283

UniCredit Bank

Bank account : RO71BACX0000002159175001


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