On april 28, 2022 we had a meeting just for fun between friends 




  This project was carried out in the spirit of the association's main goal: special children + typical children = integration through interaction. We thank all the children for their participation, involvement and emotions. All activities were carried out in teams of typical and atypical children.

  The activities were:

-creating a spring painting from gummed paper on a pre-made frame.

-raising in the air of helium balloons 

-making a personalized pizza for each child 

- serving the cake

- music and fun

  Everything took place in the welcoming environment of       "La Arhive" restaurant .

  The cake and cookies were provided by Simpa Sibiu.           Tiparonline was also with us, creating  the banner.

  More activities and events will soon follow, from which we will return with news, pictures and videos.

People who want to join us or support us can call 0753527091 or the Facebook page of the association



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